Sacks & Chapin, P.C., is a civil trial law firm which specializes in personal injury claims. The bulk of the firm’s time is spent in representing individual clients in cases ranging from relatively minor automobile personal injury claims to multiple vehicle collisions with many seriously and grievously injured parties and wrongful death actions.

Clients comes to us at a confused time in their lives where the unfortunate acts of others have caused physical pain and economic loss. They, or a loved one, have been hurt and they do not know where to turn. At the first, free consultation, Mr. Chapin will listen thoughtfully and carefully to each client’s problems, assess the facts, and provide the legal options that are available. Undertaking the representation of a seriously injured client is a privilege to us, and there are no up front costs to the client.

All of our personal injury work is completed on a contingent fee arrangement. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Most law firms today represent a multitude of clients in as many varied areas of the law and specialties as one can imagine.

Sacks & Chapin, P.C., proudly participated in a successful Class Action law suit that concluded in 2008, involving a major motor vehicle insurance company representing District of Columbia residents in claims arising out of allegedly unfair claims practices arising out of uninsured motorist claims.

Sacks & Chapin, P.C. has been involved in and represented clients and their families in commercial airline litigation, including the Washington, D.C., Air Florida plane crash in 1982, as well as in private air plane crashes.

Sacks & Chapin, P.C., and Peter A. Chapin, represented the family of a deceased victim as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the Pentagon, and a grievously injured Department of Defense employee who survived the same attack. The law firm and Mr. Chapin were honored with an award for this pro bono representation of these victims by a major Trial Lawyers Association.

We are also counsel to three (3) major automobile dealerships in the Metropolitan Washington Area providing on-going corporate legal advice to these clients.

Sacks & Chapin, P.C. believes that each and every client whose representation is undertaken deserves the personalized attention required to maximize a reasonable settlement of the client’s individual claim. If settlement is not possible short of litigation this firm has more than thirty-five years of extensive civil trial experience before all of the Courts within the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland, both State and Federal.

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